Coding Comic is now online! Check the demo video in below!


This is now a the Digital Citizens project. Also a Processing Fellowship(2016) project.

The logic behind Coding and the color community.

The ed-tech industry does not consider the education inequity that urban children of color face. The industry assumes that there is a standard of education that all Americans are receiving and then build products based on that assumption. Kids should be learning the logic behind code and computational thought.

Coding Comic

Teaching coding is not only about console.log("hello world"). We aim to teach kids the logic behind coding instead of any actual languages. Computational thinking could be something as easy as "When it rains, bring umbrella". Our project, El Cuco is an interactive digital comic built to teach children code logic. Think of Latino Bronx kids meet Miyazaki. 


We are now doing user research and testing with a bunch of wonderful kids at the Point at Bronx. We reiterate our project based on the feedbacks we got, for example, instead of letting the kids to "write" or "drag in" the codes, we now let them read the code, understand the logic, and try to create the scene that best fulfilled the described logic.  

Characters design

Interface design

Interaction test

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